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Prof. Aba Omotunde Sagoe

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Prof. Aba Omotunde Sagoe


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  • Professional Qualifications :
    Renowned Haematologist and Blood Transfusion Consultant

Brief About Prof. Aba Omotunde Sagoe


Prof. Aba Sagoe, a former Secretary to the Lagos State Government and a renowned Consultant in Hematology and Blood Transfusion is a member of the Board of Directors of Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria (IHVN).

Prof Sagoe brings into the board an invaluable wealth of experience, having worked in several, administrative, university and government capacities for more than 45 years. She has also served as a consultant to world organizations such as WHO and UNESCO. She schooled in the United Kingdom and Nigeria and has a PhD in Hematology from the prestigious University of Ibadan.

Prof. Sagoe, who has many publications to her credit, participates as a member, and has held leadership positions in professional bodies including International Society of Blood Transfusion, International Medical Women’s Association and Nigerian Society of Hematology and Blood Transfusion. She was instrumental in the completion of the National Blood Transfusion Policy for Nigeria as well as draft legislation for the National Blood Program. She is the Omolafin of Lagos and the Yoloye of Ode-Remu, Ogun State.