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Since 2004, the Institute has established and rapidly increased access to HIV care and treatment services to adults living with HIV across the country. To ensure that quality care and treatment is provided to clients in health facilities supported by the Institute, we have implemented evidence-based strategies such as;

  • Differentiated Model of Care

We have adopted the Community ART Group, Community Pharmacy Initiative and Community Treatment Initiative to reduce the load of care on health facilities and channel resources to those most in need. Through these patient-centered approaches, stable clients receive ART medications in the community through; home delivery by a health care provider; a peer designated by a group to pick medications from the facility; registered community pharmacies.

These strategies have improved client retention in treatment and adherence to medication. It has reduced overcrowding in health facilities, allowed for personalized care, and eased client transportation cost and reduced stigma.

  • Real-Time Documentation of Health Records

We have implemented and are scaling up real-time, point-of-care documentation of health records of People Living with HIV (PLHIV) in supported health facilities. So far, this has been launched in about ten facilities in FCT and Nasarawa States.  This has led to greater efficiency in handling client information, reduced errors in documentation and prescription given to clients, and reduced client waiting time in health facilities. It has also eliminated paper documentation and promoted data quality and integrity.

Other strategies include task shifting and test and start, where clients who test positive for HIV are immediately linked to health facilities to commence treatment.

For more information; PCT Overview and http://www.ihvnigeria.org/strategic-information-department/health-informatics-unit/

A Community ART Group gathers to receive their medication in Mararaba, Nasarawa State, Nigeria.
A Community Pharmacist in Abuja, Nigeria gives medications to a client.
A nurse explains how she uses point-of-care electronic health record system in Mararaba Gurku Medical Center, Nasarawa State
A doctor attending to a client using real-time electronic health record system at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD), Idu, Abuja.