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Franca Akolawole Daniel

Personal Information

Franca Akolawole Daniel

Senior Program Officer, Prevention Care and Treatment – Adolescent Services

Achievements & Awards

  • Education Qualifications :
    RN, RM, BNSc, MPH (in view)
  • Professional Qualifications :
    RN, RM, Family Planning (Cert), Public Health

Brief About Franca Akolawole Daniel


Franca Akolawole Daniel provides technical support in the planning and implementation of pediatric and adolescent care and support activities in the facilities and in communities for the ASPIRE project, which is implemented in Nasarawa, FCT, Katsina and Rivers States.

As Program Lead for the Adolescent Unit, she also works with the Association of Positive Youths in Nigeria (APYIN) to transition pediatrics to adolescent and adult care and provide disclosure support for parents of adolescents living with HIV. She also manages care and support services such as stigma reduction, adherence psychosocial support, positive health, dignity and prevention, as well as retention activities required for HIV care and treatment.

Ms. Kolawole Daniel liaises with IHVN State and facility teams and APYIN to ensure functional adolescent support groups and facilitate the formation of new ones. Developing and supervising the provision of services to assist pediatric and adolescent clients in obtaining quality services and personal support systems also falls within her purview.

She assists facilities to develop systemic identification of client needs and, through a system of referrals, links clients to the resources or services required. Her duties also include provision of HIV-positive patients enrolled in care with associated services such as treatment adherence support, prevention education, disclosure counseling, and facilitation of tracking and follow-up for referrals and missed appointments.

Ms. Kolawole Daniel has more than 15 years of experience in implementing public health programs. Within IHVN, she has worked as both Program Officer and Senior Program Officer for Care and Support also worked with prevention unit as program officer community DRTB. Before her career stint in the Institute. She served as Local Government Supervisor, Kwali Area Council for the TB Reach Project, and ART Nurse/Adherence Counselor at the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Training Center in Zaria, Kaduna State.

Her research interests are care services in facility and communities for HIV and TB. She enjoys reading, praying, and cooking intercontinental dishes.