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IHVN Partners for Improved COVID-19 Vaccination in Lagos, Oyo States

Picture Above: People get vaccinated during a drive at Gbagi Market, Egbeda LGA, Oyo State

According to World COVID-19 vaccination update, out of the estimated 218 million people in Nigeria, only 44 million have been fully vaccinated and may have received booster dose while approximately 60 million people have received only the first dose.

USAID GLOVAX funding activities through the IHVN TB- LON 3 program is supporting Lagos and Oyo states to increase the uptake of COVID-19 vaccination.

In Oyo State, Institute of Human Virology Nigeria (IHVN) collaborated with Breakthrough Action (BA-N) to vaccinate 428 individuals in a motorized campaign in Dugbe, Alawo/Ogunpa market in Ibadan, North-West Local Government Area.

During a one-day outreach, a total of 235 individuals took their first dozes, 44 persons took second dozes and 149 individuals took booster dozes. People who showed up at the outreach booth came from the market and the nearby Central Mosque in Ogunpa. First dose recipients expressed their commitment to taking their second doses at due date.

In Lagos State, a house-to-house COVID-19 vaccination drive in Agege Local Government Area sensitized households on COVID-19 vaccines. 30-year-old Abdu Lateef Shehu was one of those informed and vaccinated. Shehu had received his first doze of Moderna vaccine in June 2022 and had attempted accessing the 2nd dose several times without success because the Moderna brand was out-of-stock in health facilities.

With the recent adoption of WHO validated heterogeneous vaccination schedule, which allows mix and match for primary and booster dozes, Shehu was able to take a second dose of vaccination.

“I have been turned away many times from the health facility but the way your team warmly discussed with me, showing me the new schedule, has convinced me to go ahead with Pfizer for my 2nd dose, I will come for a booster dose on my next appointment. Most people do not know yet that they can receive Pfizer shot after taking Moderna or Astra Zeneca, but this enlightenment will help educate the people” he said.

Shehu is happy to lend his voice to convince others about the safety of the mix and match heterogeneous schedule.