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Biotechnicians Receive Training on Laboratory Equipment Maintenance

To enhance the skills of biotechnicians to maintain laboratory equipment across the country, the Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria (IHVN) has conducted a five-day training on calibration and certification of biosafety cabinet (BSC) equipment.

 IHVN NSF Enhanced Accredited Biosafety Cabinet Certifier, Mr. Olatokun F Ayobami, said that BSC equipment is the main containment equipment used to safeguard laboratory workers and the environment against infectious biological materials. “The training is to build the capacities of staff of Implementing Partners and the government,” he said.

Participants were taken through lectures and practical sessions on installing, using, and performing basic checks for Bio-safety cabinets.

IHVN Senior Technical Adviser, Laboratory Services, Dr. Sam Peters urged participants to utilize the skills gained at the basic certification training. “This is the first time this kind of training is being held in Nigeria. I urge you to hold firmly to what you have learned,” he said.

A trainee, Mr. Nsiffiok Sebastian Okon noted that the training has equipped them and spurred them to advance towards being internationally certified Biosafety Cabinet Engineers. “The training has been very instructive with a lot of opportunity for hands-on sessions,” he said.